Praise & Worship Workshops


The primary objective for Praise and Worship Workshops offered by Atlanta Gospel Productions is to explore and convey a Biblical understanding of music ministry principles, the purpose for worship, and excellence in God's kingdom building process. The workshops range from single-day seminars to week-long conferences culminating in worship and praise concerts.

We believe that it is extremely important for all song leaders, choir members, and musicians to understand their individual roles and collective responsibilities as worship leaders. Therefore, these times of workshop are dedicated to have a focus of reflection, application, and direction regarding God's will and purpose for His music ministry.

To accomplish this mission, we conduct lectures and open discussions for the participants regarding choir business, leadership, and responsibility from a Biblical perspective during each workshop. Depending on particular ministry needs and desires, a full range of topics and activities can be included to inspire and encourage greater personal commitment to God's kingdom building process.

Potential discussion topics from the Bible include:

  • The Absolute Need For The Anointing
  • The Real Purpose of Worship
  • Worship Is A Verb
  • Misplaced Priorities
  • Choir Decorum - What God Expects
  • Discipline Means One Hundred Percent

Further, as time permits, vocal technique and training will be discussed as songs are presented during the longer workshop sessions. During the longer sessions, songs are selected that will prayerfully be encouraging as well as meaningful to the participants and the listeners.

Workshop materials include itineraries, song lyrics, and notepads for any notations individuals may want to make for themselves during discussion time. As well, music score, lead sheets, and tapes of the workshop songs will be provided for the musicians and soloists in advance.

In the past, several original compositions have been professionally recorded in studios and during workshop concerts. If you are contemplating a "live" recording project, that possibility can be considered as an extension of this endeavor.

If you have any further questions about arranging a workshop for your music ministry please do not hesitate to contact us directly.